Sample Contract 

yours will be identical when picking up puppy

A & M Pomeranians


I am purchasing ______________, out of __________________ and ________________ born on 1-1-2000.  He/she have been bought on a limited AKC registration.  This means that he/she will not be used for breeding.  Julie has pre-paid for the registration.  Please email Julie with the registered name you have picked out for him/her.  The registered name will start with A&M, Julie's kennel name.  You have about an additional 25 characters (including spaces) for the registered name.  Julie will send you the AKC papers after he/she has been neutered/spayed, (proof provided to Julie) or he/she is registered by Julie with the name of your choice on a limited registration.

He/she is currently being feed Nutri Source Small/Medium Breed Puppy food.  Julie has given a sample of the food.  If the food is changed to a new brand, mix a small amount of the new food in with the current food and slowly replace the old food with the new food.  A sudden change in the food can cause diarrhea. Gradually change the food over time.  He/she is living in a exercise pen in the living room..

They have been health checked by Julie’s vet.  He/she is current on their, DVP shots and should NOT have lepto in any future shots.  Pomeranians have been known to have a reaction to the lepto vaccine including seizures and death.  He/she is current on worming’s and the dewclaws have been removed for easier nail care. 

Please use a harness for walking.  Pomeranians can have problems with their trachea and a harness puts less pressure on their throat then a collar will.

Have your vet check he/she within 3 days to verify they are healthy.  If the new vet finds a life-threating health condition (ie: heart or liver problems) and Julie’s vet verifies the problem, Julie will refund the purchase price within the 3 days. If the puppy develops a life-threatening health condition within the first year, Julie will replace the puppy with one of equal value.  The purchase price is __________________ and purchase date is ____________________.

If the puppy cannot be kept by the original purchaser, Julie has to approve of the new home or she gets the puppy/dog back without a refund.  Please keep in touch with me on how he is doing and send pics.  I love to know how my puppies are doing and what they turned out like as adults.


Julie Thorson







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